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Whitehead's Auto Repair has been a family owned establishment since 1965, specializing specifically in all years and models of Volkswagens and Audis. The owner, Brent Whitehead, is hands on and always thorough in every aspect of the business in regards to all repairs and administration as well. Brent is honest, trustworthy and loyal to each and every customer who walks through his door. He is a true mechanical genius at his craft. If you or any of your friends owns a Volkswagen or Audi, do yourself a favor and bring your vehicle to the best repair shop around when your baby is in need of some good TLC. Don't put up with these big corporate repair shops, only to get ripped off and stripped of your pride. Don't you know you deserve better than that?! Do the right thing and give us a call at Whitehead's Auto Repair for the sake of your peace of mind. If this description isn't convincing enough for you, just ask around. I guarentee you'll be impressed by the word on the street. 

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To schedule a consultation or an estimate, click Contact Us and fill in the form.  Please give us the details about your inquiries, and include your contact information along with a reasonable time for us to best reach you.

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We believe that getting excellent service is incredibly important to our clients. We want to make sure that all of our website visitors get personalized and trustworthy service from a member of our experienced team. We also make sure that every client is able to speak with a well-trained staff member about all of our products and services. If you have any questions about the products and services we offer, such as specializing with VW & Audi repairs and customization, our large "In House" inventory for your Vintage or Newest ride.  Please, don't trust just anyone for even your most routine oil change(s).  You can count on us to give your Volkswagen and/or Audi, the proper attention and love theat it deserves.  You'll also be pleased with the cost of having a quality experience that can't be matched with another service center for you German engineered vehicle. Change, please contact us!

Whitehead's Auto Repair has the quality you need.

If you're looking for a well regarded business, where we offer a wide assortment of products and services and stay up to date with today's trends, then we hope you consider doing business with Whitehead's Auto Repair. And if you're saying "How do I find the best Specialists in VW & Audi Maintenance, Repairs & Customizations," we'd like you to contact us soon.

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